Whitewater Kayak Instructional DVDs


Anna Levesque - Whitewater Kayaking for Women
This combo DVD includes both Girls at Play and Whitewater Kayaking Basics for Women.  Kayak instruction specifically for women by World Freestyle Medalist Anna Levesque.
Beth Rypins - Let's Get Wet
This is a beginning to intermediate rafting instructional.
Eric Jackson - EJ's Playboating Basics
World Champion Eric Jackson teaches basic playboating moves like flat spin, loop, backsurf, cartwheel and more.  90 minutes of quality instruction.
Eric Jackson - EJ's Playboating Advanced
90 minutes of instruction in advanced playboating moves that pick up where the basics DVD left off.
Eric Jackson - EJ's River Running Basics
This video is meant for beginner through intermediate paddlers.  It includes descriptions of the language, features, moves and techniques required to safely run a river.
Eric Jackson - EJ's River Running Advanced
Learn to boof, read harder water, deal with rocks, holes, long rapids, waterfalls, slides and more. 
Eric Jackson - EJ's Rolling and Bracing
How to eskimo roll a kayak
Eric Jackson - Strokes, Concepts and Bombproofing Your Roll
Slalom Champion, Freestyle Champion and Olympian Eric Jackson teaches drills and the important techniques and skills required to be an expert kayaker.
Joe Holt - Grace Under Pressure - Learning the Kayak Roll
This video is the oldest of all roll videos, teaching the C-to-C technique.  However, the DVD version has been updated to include the sweep roll and modern planing hull kayaks.
Joe Holt - Nitty Gritty - The Down 'n Dirty of Playboating
Beginning playboaters is the target audience of this fine instructional.
  Joe Holt - The Kayaker's Toolbox
2.5 hours of video comprised of 5 complete compositions including:  Boat Control, Water Reading, River Running, Rolling, & Safety. Won Best Instruction Video at the 2006 NPFF.
Ken Whiting - Playboating with Ken Whiting
A step by step guide to ALL playboating moves - surfing, spinning, double pumps, stalls, flatwater cartwheels, clean cartwheels, clean cartwheels, splitwheels, aerial loops, flatwater loops, trickywhus, blunts, air screws, pan ams, helix's.
Ken Whiting - Whitewater Kayaking with Ken Whiting
this double feature DVD contains the award winning Liquid Skills and SOAR.  Filmed in Chile, Liquid Skills covers beginner and intermediate whitewater kayaking technique.  SOAR, shot in Africa and New Zealand, is intermediate and advanced kayaking technique.
Kent Ford - Breakthru/The Kayaker's Edge
This double feature includes instruction from Olympians Scott Shipley and Kent Ford on stroke techniques, surfing, rolling and bracing , and drills to perfect your paddling.
Kent Ford - The Kayak Roll
This two part DVD teaches how to learn and improve an effortless roll.  Works on whitewater kayaks and sea kayaks.
Kent Ford - The River Runner's Edge
Unlock the techniques of competent river runners.  Water reading, strategies, strokes, maneuvers and basic playboating are all covered in this 104 minute instructional.
Kent Ford - Whitewater Self Defense
This safety instructional covers how to have a safer trip, hazard recognition, swimming techniques, rope handling, rescue vests, recovering pinned boats
Simon Westgarth - Genes
This is the BEST creek boat instructional video ever made.  Instead of narrative, text boxes, graphics, and tons of examples teach the techniques needed for running steep creeks.  The music video feel makes this watchable even after the skills have been learned.




Canoe, Sea Kayak & Surf Instructional DVDs

  Bob Foote's Open Canoe Roll
Underwater video, practice drills, and step by step technique make this instructional a must for whitewater open canoe paddlers.
Bill Mason - Path of the Paddle Combo DVD
Instruction in solo and tandem whitewater and flatwater canoeing instruction presented in Bill Mason's inimitable style.
Becky Mason - Classic Solo Canoeing
This absolutely gorgeous video provides instruction in flatwater canoeing.  More than an instructional, this is a tribute to Becky's dad, Bill Mason.
Joe Holt - From Here to There: Canoe Basics
Targeted at novice through intermediate canoeists, the video features extensive strokes progression, eddy turns, peel outs, ferries, scouting, water reading, edging and more.
Ken Whiting - Sea Kayaking The Ultimate Guide
This four part video includes an intro to sea kayaking, essential strokes and techniques, rescue techniques, and advanced topics like multi-day trips, surf, current and weather.
Kent Ford - Drill Time

Whitewater Open Canoe Instruction

Kent Ford - In The Surf
This surf kayaking instructional is for sea kayakers, whitewater kayakers and surfers who want to play the ocean swells.  Maneuvers, reading waves, surf zone etiquette and more are covered.
Kent Ford - Performance Sea Kayaking
Paddling more efficiently, easily going farther and faster, the Eskimo roll, surf action and navigation skills are all included in this comprehensive 58 minute DVD.
Kent Ford - Solo Playboating
C1 World Champion and Open Boat Champion Kent Ford unlocks the secrets of fun surfing and easy play boating with advanced stroke techniques and rolling and bracing.
Tom Foster - Solo Open Whitewater Canoeing
Open canoe instruction from Master ACA Instructor Tom Foster.



Other Instructional Media


Ken Whiting - Recreational Kayaking
The Essential Skills and Safety

This DVD provides new and developing paddlers with the skills and nowledge necessary to comfortably and safely enjoy kayaking.

Kayak Fishing
This DVD will give the new kayak angler a solid foundation of skills and concepts, and allow a safe and comfortable entry into the sport.  Scott and Joel draw on their vast experience in both kayaking and fishing to offer a wealth of tips and tricks.
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Andria Baldovin -Yoga for Paddlers
Two 26 minute sessions of poses with detailed instruction will benefit sea kayakers, whitewater kayakers, canoeists, and rafters.
  Andria Baldovin -Yoga for Hikers
Two 28 minute sessions of poses specifically target the places where hikers need it most.  Brief instruction is also included on a meditation technique to help get more from the hike.
  Andria Baldovin -Yoga for Climbers
Two 28 minute sessions to strengthen without adding bulk, enhance balance, prevent injuries, and improve performance on the rock.