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Spring 2016 Yes, DVD's still sell, but slowly.  Production has pretty much stopped, killed by GoPro & YouTube.  We still stock them however.  And there are people who still want DVDs.  After all, they travel well, can be watched from any laptop, and do not require Internet acces or contribute to a cell phone quota.  
August 2011 KADOMA  
July 2010 The Canoe Movie  
  Hotel Charley V.5  
March 2010 Dream Result  
June 2009 The Call of the River  
  Hotel Charley 4 - At Your Own Risk  
May 2009 Exploring Idaho  
April 2009 The Last Descent
March 2009 The Risen Sun  
  60 Degrees North  
  Eastern Horizons  
  Means of Production  
November 2008 This is the Sea 4  
May 2008 Source  
April 2008 Hotel Charley 3: The Lost World  
  Ken Whiting's Rolling A Kayak - Whitewater  
  Ken Whiting's Rolling A Kayak - Sea Kayak  
March 2008 Steve Fisher: Black Book  
  Here & Now  
  Recreational Kayaking for Women  
  Oil & Water  
  The Adventures of Johny Utah  
  Toxic Waters  
  Kayak Fishing - Demo Clip Here  
  Bigger Than Rodeo/Mission Epicocity Combo  
February 2008 Night of the Living Donkey  
  Enter The Donkey  
January 2008 In Flux - Excellent imported destination video  
  Legend of the Falls - Corran's Creekin Instructional  
  End Game  
December 2007 Pacific Horizons - Sea Kayaking Adventure  
October 2007 6 oz Flash Memory HelmetCam Bundle  
  Wireless Rain Gauge  
September 2007 Amplify - Epicocity's playboat instructional  
August 2007 7 Weeks in Tibet  
  LVM #23 - It's What's for Dinner  
July 2007    
  Classic Solo Canoeing - Becky Mason DVD  
  Genes - Innovative Creek Boating Instructional  
May 2007    
  Eric Jackson Strokes & Concepts Book  
  Eric Jackson Playboating Moves & Training Book  
  The Kayaker's Toolbox DVD  
  Nitty Gritty - The Down 'n Dirty of Playboating DVD  
  From Here to There: Canoe Basics DVD  
  Grace Under Pressure - Learning the Kayak Roll DVD  
April 2007 Kayak Fitness - DVD  
  Touring & Sea Kayaking - Alex Mathews & Ken Whiting  
  The Ultimate Guide to Whitewater Kayaking  - Ken Whiting  
  The Playboater's Handbook 2 - Ken Whiting  
  Wet House - 2006 DVD profiling 6 top kayakers  
  Rolling a Kayak (book) Ken Whiting  
  Ken Whiting's Recreational Kayaking Book  
  This is the Sea 3  
  Ken Whiting's Recreational Kayaking DVD  
Mar 2007 Yoga for Hikers  
  Yoga for Climbers  
  Wherever Rivers Flow - Doug Woodward's excellent book  
  Let's Get Wet - Raft Instructional  
  Grayscale - The first video of 2007  
  Tao Berman Huck Doll Action Figure  
Feb, 2007 Bill Mason's Path of the Paddle Combo DVD  
  Bill Mason Waterwalker  
  River Runners of the Grand Canyon  
  Deliver Me From The Paddlesnake  
  The Paddlesnake Hunters  
  Kent Ford's The River Runner's Edge  
  Kent Ford's Breakthru/Kayaker's Edge Combo  
  Kent Ford's The Kayak Roll  
  Whitewater Self Defense  
  Kent Ford's In The Surf  
  Performance Sea Kayaking  
  Bob Foote's The Open Canoe Roll  
  Tom Foster's Solo Whitewater Canoeing  
  Kent Ford's Solo Playboating  
  Kent Ford's Drill Time  
  Yoga for Paddlers  
  The Falling Down Collection Vol 1  
  The Falling Down Collection Vol 2  
  The White Album  
  This is the Sea 2  
  This is the Sea  
  Squirt Boating and Beyond  
  Catch Every Eddy Surf Every Wave